Wound Mechanics, Expanded

To really emphasize the grimdark and dangerous universe of Warhammer 40K, I’m adapting an expanded Wound Mechanics system based on the Dark Heresy 2.0 system.

Wound Mechanics

Whenever a character suffers at least one wound, take the final damage done to the target (after armour and Toughness reduction) and refer to the appropriate table below to determine the Wound Effect.


  • If the affected hit location (body, head, left arm, right leg, etc.) had already sustained a wound, add +5 to the Result.
  • If the target was suffering from Critical Damage (i.e. damage in excess of his maximum Wound score), add +10 to the Result.
  • If the target sustained the damage of this strike as a result of a Righteous Fury Hit, add +10 to the Result.

The effects of Righteous Fury and pre-existing Wounds stack for the purpose of determining Wound Effects. So, if you suffer a Righteous Fury Hit to a previously wounded hit location while Critically Damaged, the Wound Effect Table is +25. Ouchies.

Energy Damage Tables

Impact Damage Tables

Rending Damage Tables

Once the Wound Effect has been determined, use the following reference page to apply the appropriate penalties to the target.

Wound Conditions

Critical Damage

Once a character’s Wound score drops to zero, he begins taking Critical Damage. A character’s Critical Damage Threshold is equal to twice his toughness bonus. Once a character takes Critical Damage in excess of this value, he dies.

Wound Mechanics, Expanded

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