"ISV St Cordelia"

ISV St. Cordelia

Hull Class: Egeria-class pilgrim vessel
Dimensions: 2.25km long, 0.3km abeam (approx.)
Mass: 9 megatonnes (approx.)
Crew: 21000 (approx. including passengers)
Accel: 1.6 gravities max acceleration

Game Statistics

Power: 40 (14 free)
Space: 47 (7 free)

Speed: 4
Detection: +5
Armour: 13
Manoeuvrability: -7
Hull Integrity: 50
Turret Rating: 1
Ship Points: 21
Weapon Capacity: 1 Prow, 1 Port, 1 Starboard

Cargo Hauler: This vessel was designed for transporting goods, and no amount of retrofitting can fully change this. This hull comes pre-equipped with one Main Cargo Hold Component.

Machine Spirit Oddity: Skittish

The ship fears battle, bucking against its masters when entering the fray. When in combat, reduce the ship’s Speed by 1. However, when not in danger, it runs eagerly and fast. Reduce the travel time for any long distance (between stars) voyage by 1d5 weeks, to a minimum of 1.

Ship History: Wrested From A Space Hulk

The St. Cordelia has been recovered from a catastrophic xenos attack, The Red Pilgrimage, which left it hulked and adrift in the void. The ship is very old (and thus of high quality), but those who know of its misfortune whisper that it is cursed.

The ship gains +1 Armour, +1 Speed, and +3 Manoeuvrability. However, every time the crew suffers a Misfortune, the GM rolls twice and chooses the worse of the two. The curse can have many other effects as well – many ill – but a truly skilled Rogue Trader can turn any situation to profit…

Essential Components

  • Lathe Pattern Class 1 Plasma Drive (Sp 12) (damaged)
  • Strelov 1 Warp Engine (Pw 10, Sp 10)
  • Commerce Bridge (Pw 1, Sp 1): +50 Achievement towards Trade objectives.
  • Vitae Pattern Life Sustainer (Pw 4, Sp 2)
  • Voidsmen Quarters (Pw 1, Sp 3) (damaged)
  • M-100 Auger Array (Pw 3) (damaged)

Supplemental Components

  • Main Cargo Hold (Pw 2, Sp 4): +125 Achievement towards Trade objectives. (damaged)
  • Luxury Passenger Quarters (Pw 2, Sp 1): +100 Achievement towards Trade, Criminal, or Creed objectives; -3 Morale. (damaged)
  • Extended Supply Vaults (Pw 1, Sp 4): Double the time the St. Cordelia can remain at void without suffering Crew Population or Morale loss; Extended Repairs heal +1 Hull Integrity; +1 Morale. (damaged)
  • Temple-Shrine to the God Emperor (Pw 1, Sp 1): +100 Achievement towards Creed objectives; +3 Morale. (damaged)
  • Observation Dome (Pw 0, Sp 1): +50 Achievement towards Exploration objectives; +1 Morale.
  • Defensive Countermeasures (Pw 1, Sp 1): When deployed, these countermeasures impose a -20 penalty to all Ballistic Skill test made to attack the ship for the next 1d5+1 Strategic Turns. Torpedoes suffer a -30 penalty. Once used, the countermeasures must be refilled and refurbished with a successful Upkeep test under Open Acquisition or Limited Acquisition conditions. (requires upkeep)

One of the better appointed and more luxurious vessels of the Imperial Merchant Fleet, the ISV St. Cordelia belonged to the Chartist Fleet of House Zurlinden, and boasted a full Navigatory and Astropathic staff, thus allowing it to dispense with short, precalculated warp jumps, and deal in the fast transport of expensive luxury goods, and even passengers from among those segments of Imperial society so wealthy and influential as to spend their lives not bound to a single planet.

Until two weeks out of Omnicron DX-71, enroute to Port Maw on an itinerary bound for Holy Terra, the St. Cordelia was crippled and boarded, in the midst of Imperial space, by Eldar pirates.

It is not widely known why the xenos were there, why they chose to attack the St. Cordelia, or what, if anything, they took of its cargo. What is known is that the crew and passengers, some fifteen thousand souls, were slaughtered to a man.

A single man.

Harlan, Hæres Primaris (later Lord) of the Autumnhall Rogue Trader dynasty, was alone left alive aboard the drifting hulk of the St. Cordelia.

Six months later, when the naval fast picket ship HHN Intolerance located the St. Cordelia’s distress beacon, Lord Harlan was still alive, and was, to the great surprise of the naval officers aboard, quickly pronounced free of xenos taint by the ship board officer of the Naval Comissariat, after a single short deposition.

The St. Cordelia is currently in orbital drydock around Omnicron DX-71, incurring a steadily increasing small fortune in docking fees while repairs are stalled by injunction of the Arbites Judicaem, pending the outcome of an ownership dispute between House Zurlinden and the Imperial Navy… with the Navy contending that the St. Cordelia is legally salvage.

House Zurlinden’s case appears to be built upon the contention that Lord Harlan Autumnhall, as holder of a Warrant of Trade, was legally qualified to control a voidship, and, as a living Imperial citizen who continuously inhabited the St. Cordelia from the time of the attack, accessing and using a number of its systems… he did, in fact, control the St. Cordelia, which therefore never became derelict and subject to salvage law.

The case is expected to take years at the very least, possibly a decade.

"ISV St Cordelia"

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