House Rules

Altered Gameplay Mechanics

The following is a list of modifications I am making to the Core Rules of Rogue Trader. This list will be updated periodically as new modifications are made, so check back from time to time.


Meta-Game Roles

One tradition I’ve upheld in my years as a GM has been “meta-game” roles.

What are meta-game roles, you ask? They are additional roles claimed by players outside of the scope of the game world which help to enhance the experience for all of the players. Meta-game roles are entirely voluntary, and can be anything that the player happens to enjoy or have a natural gift for. Some example include:

  • The Scribe: The recorder of deeds and spoken lines. The Scribe typically keeps a running record of any memorable lines, in-game jokes, or humourous events or observations. At the start of each session, the Scribe will read the last session’s record aloud. This is a fun way to get everyone into the “game mind frame”, to refresh everyone’s memory on the group’s exploits so far, and to get chuckles rippling through the room.
  • The Artist: The artist can provide character portraits for the other players, draw particularly memorable scenes from in-game, or perform other feats of artistic wizardry.

There are many ways to contribute to the game experience. If you’ve got a meta-game role idea, definitely run it by me.



Unless otherwise specified, each player will receive 250 XP at the end of every session.

Additional XP will be awarded for the following additional feats during session:

  • Meta roles: Players who opt to participate in meta-game roles will receive rewards for their efforts, typically in XP.
  • Memorable lines: Speaking a particularly good line which gets recorded into the Record of Deeds will usually merit XP.
  • Roleplaying: Outstanding, tactful roleplaying of characters, including voicing, intonation, providing good fluff and backstory, and providing outstanding insight into your character’s motivations, will be rewarded with bonus XP.
  • “That’s what my character would do.” Roleplaying is a difficult task. On the one hand, you want to remain faithful to the spirit of your character and play them realistically. But on the other hand, you also want to avoid troublesome and/or life-threatening situations and hoard lots of treasure. Doing something which puts your character in danger or deprives him of spoils, simply because it’s “what he would do”, will merit additional XP. Particularly dramatic and/or dangerous actions might even earn you a Fate Point (you’ll need it to overcome the trouble you’ve put yourself in)…
  • …Of course, don’t place the whole group in danger just to earn rewards for yourself. That’s selfish and won’t make you any friends at the table. Use your best judgment to decide what kinds of actions are appropriate, fun, and likely to produce interesting dramatic moments.

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If you are absent from a game session, I will control your character personally and involve them in the plot. Providing a good summary in your character’s profile can give me a guideline on how to make him behave.

Fear not: I will not put your character in any unnecessary danger. You won’t come back to find all of your Fate Points burned – unless the group gets itself tangled a particularly nasty calamity…

Players absent from a session will receive half the experience points awarded to the group (typically 125 XP). Obviously, absent players cannot earn individual awards for heroism and role playing.

House Rules

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