House Mangonnel


House Mangonnel is a vast and wealthy family of Calixis nobility with extensive holdings in the Lathes and generations-long connections and contracts supplying the Departmento Munitorum and Imperial Navy with everything from bootlaces for conscripts to enormous hypervelocity rail cannons for Naval Battleships of the line. It has close ties to both the Imperial Guard and the Adeptus Mechanicus, the later to the point where many members are faithful to the Omnissiah rather than the Imperial Cult proper.

They are also notable for owning a controlling interest in the Loi Metalworks on Landunder, where the head of the House holds the hereditary title of Duke of Kelestra, one of the nine “hanging” Hive cities.

Key Members

  • Mangonnel, Sebastian, Duke of Celestra
  • Mangonnel, Karen, wife of Sebastian and daughter of Robert Krin
    • Mangonnel, Leukas, first son (deceased)
    • Mangonnel, Blake, second son
    • Mangonnel, Anastasia, first daughter
  • Mangonnel, Duncan, brother to Sebastian
  • Mangonnel, Erika, wife of Duncan
    • Delasari, Alice, first daughter to Duncan, wife of Kevan Delasari
    • Mangonnel, Elise, second daughter
    • Mangonnel, Kristine, third daughter
    • Mangonnel, Charlotte, fourth daughter
  • Mangonnel, Thomas, brother to Sebastian (deceased)
  • Mangonnel, Margarite, widow of Thomas and daughter of Corwin Waldegrave
    • Mangonnel, Heather, first daughter
    • Mangonnel, Markus, first son
    • Mangonnel, Lucrezia, second daughter (infant)

House Mangonnel

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