House Lemaign




House Lemaign was raised in the time of the Angevin Crusade. The house led a bloody campaign through the heart of the reach which helped to establish the Golgenna and Malfian territories. House Lemaign continues to be a formidable asset in the Imperium’s bid for expansion on the Koronus front.

Key Members

  • Lemaign, Cycin, warrant holder
  • Lemaign, Loretta, wife to Cycin
    • Lemaign, Syras, first son
    • Lemaign, Mariele, first daughter
    • Lemaign, Charlize, second daughter
  • Lemaign, Melaina, sister to Cycin
  • Lemaign, Leuwin, brother to Cycin

House Lemaign

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