House Isenmarth




House Isenmarth was a house raised during the Angevin Crusade. It spearheaded numerous campaigns into the regions now known at The Periphery and the Malfian subsector, earning itself enormous wealth and a glorious namesake. Since the time of the Crusade, House Isenmarth has continued its tradition of conquest and hard dealing.

Key Members

  • Isenmarth, Oswald, warrant holder
  • Isenmarth, Ryla, wife to Oswald
    • Isenmarth, Felice, first daughter
    • Isenmarth, Osmund, first son
    • Isenmarth, Faydra, second daughter
    • Isenmarth, Fysha, third daughter
    • Isenmarth, Oswerk, second son

House Isenmarth

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