House Hildebrand




House Hildebrand was raised in the time before the Angevin Crusade. Its decorated history begins with the Three Throne Crusade in the Jahgalth Sector, which saw three branches of the Adeptus Administratum warring to claim dominion over the new territory for base, material motives. Realizing that the local Administratum was too conflicted to render a just and conclusive verdict, the Ecclesiarchy nominated Cardinal Vorsef Hildebrand to carry the Word of the Emperor to these wayward sons. However, a legal dilemma required that the traveling cardinal be granted a Warrant of Trade in order to bear the “tools of holy diplomacy” across the territories. Almost unbelievably, the warrant was granted.

With the success of the mission, the Ecclesiarchy gained enormous influence in the local and neighbouring sectors, and it pressed under the rules of “divine inheritance” that the warrant be upheld beyond the accomplishment of its original mission. The Hildebrand Warrant has since been passed from synarch to synarch over the ages, maintaining a long tradition of holy service and pious observance.

Key Members

  • Gwalter, Gerald, Cardinal
  • Hayfare, Arnisius, Archbishop

House Hildebrand

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