House Blackbriar




House Blackbriar is an ancient house founded in the Golden Age of Jericho, an epoch of rapid Imperial Expansion on the galatic fringes of the Ultima Segmentum, and one of the few houses so raised that survived the Age of Apostasy which followed.

Though new to the Segmentum Obscurus and the Calixis Sector, House Blackbriar’s power and influence across the Imperial dominion make it a formidable asset in mankind’s bid for dominance in the galaxy.

Key Members

  • Blackbriar, Dorwerth, warrant holder
  • Blackbriar, Lucretia, wife to Dorwerth
    • Blackbriar, Damon, first son
    • Blackbriar, Redding, second son
    • Blackbriar, Claudine, first daughter
  • Blackbriar, Brynden, brother to Dorwerth

House Blackbriar

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