House Bathshua




House Bathshua was named in the squall of xenos invasions and uprisings that occurred during the centuries following the Angevin Crusade. As one of the “Warrants Adjudicare”, House Bathshua was tasked with bringing the foul xenos invaders to heel. Their speciality to this day remains the hunting of Eldar pirates and the trade of that species’ goods.

Today, the warrant house is operated by the Brothers Bathshua, also known as the Terrible Triumvirate. Named by their late father Breakol Bathshua as equal heirs apparent, the three brothers rule the house with a talent and fervor of their own. Though their separate diplomatic approaches and personalities can often come at odds with one another, they are a truly terrible force when their perspectives align.

Key Members

  • Bathshua, Trystram (warrant co-holder)
  • Bathshua, Tryland (warrant co-holder)
  • Bathshua, Hawkin (warrant co-holder)

House Bathshua

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