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Welcome to the homepage for the Oceanside Adventurer’s Rogue Trader campaign Sword & Spoken Word.

If you’re fired up and ready to make a character, head on over to the Character Creation wiki.

For those of you who are new to the universe of Warhammer 40,000, do not fret; I have provided some links for you below. They lead to videos and articles of essential WH-40K fluff and should help in getting you adjusted to the dismal, dark setting of the universe.

Warhammer 40K: Fluff for the Uninitiated video series, outlining tons and tons of fluff. It’s a lot to digest, so don’t try and finish it in one sitting, unless you’re feeling hungry. This one is particularly important. It details the ill-understood nature of technology in the superstitious and hyper-religious future of man, and explains why technological progress has stagnated.

Rogue Traders – The great privateers of space. They are given special permission to travel out beyond the empire’s boundaries, making contact with aliens, bringing lost human colonies back into the fold, and conquering new planets and star systems for power, profit, and the glory of The God-Emperor.

The God-Emperor of Mankind – The most important figurehead in imperial society, and the most significant individual in mankind’s history. He is the Patron of Mankind, and worshiped as a god (click the link if you enjoy baroque imagery coupled with neoclassical hard rock).

The Warp – A parallel dimension to our own. It is the channel of energy through which faster-than-light travel and communication are possible. It is also the domain of daemons, spirits, and unspeakable horrors. In the simplest sense, The Warp is where the malign emotions of sapient beings (such as humans) take physical shape. It is simultaneously mankind’s greatest threat and only hope for survival.


An Advisory Regarding My Campaigns

The games that I run are complex. I run complex games. This is because the galaxy is enormous. There will be LOTS of NPCs. I created this resource to assist everyone in navigating the labyrinthine relationships between all the members of the cast, so make use of it.

The games that I run are brutal. I run brutal games. This is because the galaxy is a cold, indifferent, and unforgiving place filled with brutal people. I believe that good stories explore the depths and complexities of human conflict. I’m more interested in the greys of the universe than the blacks and whites. The heroes won’t all be dashing, brightly-dressed paragons, and the villains won’t all be disfigured monsters clad in black. Beware of the attractive and beguiling smile. Beware the naked man who offers you his shirt.

Likewise, death will be quick to claim those with loose swords and loose tongues. No one will be wearing +4 Plot Armour of Bullshit – not you, and not the NPCs either, so try not to get too attached…

That being said, the games I run are fun. I run fun games. This is because games MUST be fun, else they serve no purpose. So whenever a serious conflict arises, I will either side with you, or with the most interesting (i.e. dramatic) outcome. I will never punish you for something that isn’t your fault – and if my duty as an impartial arbitrator forces me to do so, I will try to compensate in some appropriate way so that you walk away from the table each session feeling envigourated (and maybe a bit vengeful towards your enemies) rather than scorned and upset.

Truth be told, I’m not really an impartial GM. I’m on YOUR side – you, the player. This game will be challenging for your character, and fun for you.

And since I’m the one controlling where the dramatic spotlights are pointed I can guarantee you’ll come out with a noticeable farmer’s tan.

Above all, this game will be a collaborative storytelling effort. All the world’s indeed a stage and we are merely players – each another’s audience. So let’s make this one of the best damn stories ever written.

Home Page

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