Event Horizon


This is a single-edged sword, straight, with long hilt and and blade in the “langes messer” style, cut (or perhaps molded) from a single piece of strange, flat, light, lusterless black material which does not seem to be metal at all, slightly similar to a ceramic or perhaps even plastic. Despite its fragile appearance, hydraulic presses are unable to bend the blade, diamond cutting tools are unable to scratch it, and attempts to sharpen it are both futile and completely unnecessary. It neither absorbs nor radiates heat, even if if thrust into lava or the plasma drive of a spacecraft.

In battle, the blade projects a cutting field similar in nature to that of a Power Weapon, but far more devastating in effect. It functions without the aid of any visible power cell or conduits.

It is the favoured weapon of Harlan Autumnhall.

“That was a very pretty speech. Must have taken some practice in front of a mirror. Me, I don’t call myself ‘The Blade of Shadow’, or the ‘Falcon of Aquilla’, or the ‘Grand Sultan of Cutting Things with a Big Knife’… just ‘Harlan’.

My sword doesn’t ‘thirst’ for anything, either, and if it has a long and storied history, I don’t know anything about it. It goes where I point it, and it cuts things.

If you have now finished babbling, I’ll be happy to show you."

- Harlan Autumnhall expressing his distaste for Eldar

Event Horizon

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