Chameleon Eyes

ireviews_bionic_eyes.jpg Selena Veltenstone does not display the usual stigmata of the Astropathic caste: blinded or burned out eyes.

In fact, her vision appears completely intact, until one looks very closely and notes that the whites of her eyes are a little too pristine, her irises a little too pure in colour.

Lyra’s bionic eyes are a masterwork of collaboration between the base design of the exclusive and ruinously expensive Starlight Bioncs Corporation, and the mad genius of the multitalented Tech-Magos Siegmund Alessander Estabon Godwinne Holt.

In addition to granting her superior visual perception, low-light and thermographic vision, and magnifying capabilities, their visible surface has been carefully layered with doped polyiridium-lattice electroreactive materials, allowing to alter their colour and appearance to almost any pigmentation she desires…. a favorite feature for a teenage girl who enjoys presenting a splashy appearance.

Chameleon Eyes

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