Sword & Spoken Word

Vox recording fragment

Comissioner, this is all we have been able to decipher thus far from the secondary black box recorder.

While the stripped hull itself dates from the Age of Strife, this fragment appears to be of much more recent origin… from the Age of the Imperium, after the Warp Schism. AI decision tree analysis informs me that the language is a form of Low Gothic spoken around the end of the 41st millennium.

This fragment appears to be written directly on top of thus-far unintelligible older data, suggesting that it perhaps the results of accidental overwriting during analysis, perhaps by the individuals who stripped the hull and left it in its current state… strong evidence, perhaps, of when this might have occurred.

I have taken the liberty of delaying transmission until the linguistic staff could properly transcribe the one intelligible voice. As you will be able to observe for yourself, the fragment contains heavy background noise, and would prove difficult to understand even for one familiar with obscure dialect.

[Fades in] … cold bastard, and don’t tell him I said that. Scares me almost as much as the {thieves?}.

No, of course not unintelligible Armen unintelligible. The other one. The Lord {emphasized} Captain. Shot that woman without a moment’s pause, just put a plasma bolt through her. Said she was infected.

Yeah, but it was the way {emphasized} he said it. Like he was ordering fucking breakfast. Whole place covered in monster {sailors?} and this one scared girl and he just offs her. Got liquid nitrogen in his …

{1 minute, 34 seconds obscured by machine noise}

…pile of women with his flamethrower. What I don’t…

{47 seconds machine noise}

{12 seconds unintelligible multiple voices}

… four. If there had been five I’d not be standing here telling …

{15 seconds machine noise}

… Techpriest blasting here, there, and everywhere with that fucking … unintelligibletwo {emphasized} of them with it. unintelligible … the other one on fire.

No, the teenage girl. With the white eyes. Some kind of sanctioned…

{31 seconds blank}

… and it almost fucking reached us, except the Lord Captain runs at it with a fucking power sword. No more emotion than when he shot that woman. Like he forgot, like they all forgot, to be afraid. I was unintelligible my fucking unintelligible, I can tell you that.

No, it didn’t. He held it off. Then the nav … unintelligible … and he fucking gutted it. Those … unintelligible tear through fucking adamantite and inceram and he… unintelligible not one single …

{15 seconds machine noise}

… not serve with them if you …

{15 seconds machine noise}

… and a commissar with a shockprod. Follow them into a fight, yes. Serve under, hell no. I’d stay on this rock first.



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