Sword & Spoken Word

The Story so far...

Our tale began with Harlan of House Autumhall, who discovered he was heir to an Imperial Warrant of Trade only when his father and entire family were killed by Eldar Corsairs, who boarded a commercial pilgrim vessel bound for Terra. It is unknown how Harlan himself survived.

Harlan the Rogue Trader is a man of mediocre charisma, but great cunning and ruthlessness, preferring to dispatch his enemies with trickery in preference to fire and steel.However, his skill with the sword is far in advance even of Adeptus Astartes warriors; he has been seen to defeat Ork Warbosses and Tyranid Genestealers in close combat with relative ease. To engage him in close quarters combat is to die with one’s blade unblooded.

Several months after he was rescued from the drifting wreck, Harlan received an invitation from Inquisitor Volgin of the Ordo Xenos, who offered to free his inheritance from Imperial red tape and support his ascension to the title in exchange for a few small favours.

Harlan began to hire staff, including the youngest High Astropath on record, Lady Selena Veltenstone, also known as “Lyra”, a graduate of the training program on Terra at the mere age of twelve years.

Lyra the Astropath is a child prodigy, a genius scholar who remembers with perfect clarity every single thing she sees or hears. She is blessed with the rare gift of Pyromancy, the ability to burn the Emperor’s enemies with a touch or even a glance. For all this, she is still a teenage girl, prone to childish fears, and bursts of exuberance.

His first task took him to the prison planet of Heptapyrgion aboard a commandeered frigate of His Holy Navy. Discovering the prison in a simultaneous riot and genestealer infestation, he rallied the combined navy men, guards, and uninfested prisoners to purge the infected, coming away with a loyal indentured, crew, a goodly haul of archaeotech loot from the depths of a crashed derelict, the services of a missionary priest of the Imperial cult, one Brother Alrik

Brother Alrick the Missionary is jovial, hard-drinking and an easy conversationalist, but does not discuss his past. While most are driven by a fanatical hatred for the Emperor’s enemies, this emotion is eclipsed in Brother Alrik by an even more fervent love for even the humblest of His servants, and indeed for humanity. He is a terror in battle, wielding chainsword and flamer to great effect, but his true strength is the devotion and fervor he inspires in even the most hard-bitten and cynical bodies of fighting men.

… of Magos Holt of the Machine Cult…

Alexandr Holt the Techpriest Explorator is ruthless, violent, and borderline autistic, understanding little of politics or social graces, and caring even less. Technically brilliant and terrifying in battle, Holt nonetheless frequently strains his master’s patience, and perhaps even sanity, with his desire to murder every problem with superior firepower, and his blissful unawareness of the long term consequences of such tactics.

… of a shady underworld figure, a former prisoner known only as “Spectre”.

Spectre the Senescal is subtle, secretive, and affects a facade of groveling obsequiousness which does little to prevent him from stealing anything that isn’t nailed down. If it IS nailed down, he will pry it up, steal it as well, and then take the nails, too. Harlan turns a blind eye to this so long as Spectre steals more FOR House Autumnhall than he steals FROM House Autumnhall.

Returning to Scintilla, Harlan undertook Inquisitor Volgin’s second request, to undermine and subtly destroy business Magnate Phineas Ardentus. While quietly maneuvering to undermine Ardentus’s support and interests, Harlan underwent a grand ceremony of ascension to his title, purchased a voidcraft, and hired a Navigatrix, Lady Nochellie of House Von Nostra.

Lady Nochellie Von Nostra the Navigator is a woman of strange precognitive gifts and many secrets. In addition to her duties aboard ship, she serves Harlan as a close advisor on matters pertaining the Warp, and even by his side in combat, augmenting her strange powers with expert use of her extensive collection of exotic firearms.



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