Sword & Spoken Word

Holt's Prison Notes

Leaked into the prison’s database for public use by Magos Holt

Planetary & Facility Observations by Magos Siegmund Alessander Estabon Godwinne Holt

  • Atmosphere is toxic to non-augmented humans.
  • Machine spirits are suffering from low maintenance.
  • Archaic thruster platforms serve multiple uses based on power input.
  • Beware of pornographic stashes in maintenance holes.
  • Avoid laundry room without proper filtration and protection systems due to high levels of human sperm contaminating all exposed surfaces.
  • Clear engineer tunnels of Tyrannid wastes and excrement. Use extreme caution; biomass may contain eggs.
  • Turrets are armed in several locations and are programmed to eliminate non-human biomasses. Sanctioned Xenos entry not recommended.
  • Genestealers can be purged with sufficient firepower. Heavy or crew-served weapons should be preferred where possible.
  • Any unclaimed tools are to be cataloged via inscribed number, type, physical description and then transported to Magos Holt.
  • A highly detailed report of all archeotech is to be delivered to Magos Holt upon completion, including picto-graphs, audio-recordings, and research for him to review for potential errors and future sanctioned experimentation.
  • Any item of the size equal to or smaller than a man portable lascannon that cannot be determined as to the purpose or nature of it, is to be transported to Magos Holt for study.



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