Sword & Spoken Word

Captain's Logbook and Journal #1

6 000 996 M41

Arrived on Scintilla on the day of the new year. Met with Inquisitor Volgin. Offered to extend his influence to free up Autumnhall assets, as well as provide Inquisition resources, to reactivate the Autumnhall Warrant of Trade as a going concern. Will need a ship, crew, etc. Offer tentatively accepted.

Tagging these log entries with encrypted personal notes. What’s Volgin’s game? Surely he can get his hooks into an established RT line for far less cost than this. Why revive one of the old “Suicide Note” warrants? The secretive bastard is going to have to ACTUALLY BUY ME A SHIP… Autumnhall holdings could be in escrow for a year or more. This goes well beyond the usual level of access for an Inquisitor of his grade, I think. He’s either got his hands on a hull already, or he’s going to have some serious explaining to do for his seniors.

Which still leaves the question “why me?”. Perhaps he thinks an 18 year old will be easy to control. Well, once I have full control of the Autumnhall holdings, and my own ship, we’ll just see.

Departing in two weeks for a prison world, Heptapyrgion, to negotiate for indentured crew, aboard the naval frigate Accordance. Will recruit command crew and officers as time permits.

There’s another errand here as well. Volgin wants me to retrieve one of his agents who went missing there about two months ago. Who was sent, in turn, to look for a missing… survey team. And apparently, the fact that it was a survey team is a big secret. Something’s up.

We look to the Emperor for guidance.

6 030 998 M41

Senior Astropath recruited.

I have seen the Rose. I’ve read about it, but I never thought I would even see the Silver or the Gold. But today I saw the Rose Primarius, awarded by the Schola Psykana to only one graduate each year… and it was hanging around the neck of a little girl in a nightgown. It had strawberry jam on it.

This child is… gifted in surprising ways. I was a noted child prodigy, so it’s no small thing to say she matches me for wit and comprehension. But the child also remembers everything she reads, hears, or sees. Everything. And apparently no ship would take her because she’s a little girl. Well, I have my reasons. Besides, she reminds me of A. They’d be about the same age now.

Knowledge is power. Hide it well.

6 032 996 M41

Aboard Accordance, preparing for departure.

Attached a bullshit entry so I could put this note here. I think I have found my spymaster. Bastard’s secretive enough. Won’t meet in person yet, but he’s been a good source of intelligence. Had him check out the Inquisitor as a trial run, and got some really good stuff. I think I know what Volgin’s game is now, or at least the first layer. Not going to commit it to writing, though.

While the enemies of the Emperor still draw breath, there can be no peace.

6 039 996 M41

Departed and running under plasma impulse power.

6 040 996 M41

Transitioned to warp travel.

6 051 996 M41

Incident recorded. There has been a flicker in the Gellar field. We are checking, deck by deck, for signs of warp incursion. No recorded findings, other than three cases of panic-related hysteria.

The techpriests are sweating bullets. The official report says everything is fine, but if you read between the lines, they’re saying it a bit too… vehemently. This is isn’t just an incident, someone screwed up, big time. I need to find the least popular and least content techpriest, see if I can get him to break ranks and tell me the real story.

I am advised that there has been damage to plasma containment.

Well, that was easy. Magos Holt is borderline autistic, no social skills at all, technically brilliant and can’t figure out when to keep his damn mouth shut. Yeah, one of THOSE. He gave it up just for the asking. I didn’t understand a few of the details (although I pretended to be a lot more confused than I was), but the short version is that someone doesn’t know how to tune a plasma core, and damaged the tokamak. We lost power for a few hundred milliseconds, and the backups didn’t kick in because the diagnostics didn’t notice a thing.

I may have to cultivate Holt. He’s good at what he does, but best of all, he’s too clueless to bullshit me. Maybe I could publicly humiliate one of his superiors, someone who’s been on his case. Unsubtle, but if I go subtle, he might just miss it. If it goes well, he might just make a good engineseer prime… the qualities of a good leader are not always the same as the qualities of those who are good at seizing power. He’d be loyal enough… can’t think in anything but straight lines.

My ship doesn’t exist yet, and already it is turning into a flying rogue’s gallery. That’s if plasma containment failure doesn’t kill us all before we reach our destination.

Blessed is the mind too small for doubt.

6 088 996 M41

Arrived at Heptapyrgion. After discussion with Commander Armengarde, plans were taken to divert the Accordance to the nearest docking facilities for repair of containment damage (a few days warp journey), while I and my staff conduct our business on the surface.

Senior Magos Gandermeyer’s objection is here noted for the log. The Senior Magos feels that saving a few days’ delay is an acceptable reason to risk the loss of Emperor’s frigate and twenty thousand of the Emperor’s dutiful servants to the warp. Let this objection hereby be noted, and let it be stated for the record that the Senior Magos is a devoted servant of the Emperor, motivated solely by his duty as he interprets it, and I have absolutely no reason to believe that the potential loss of face that he would sustain personally, if there were to be a diversion for repairs, played any part at all in influencing his technical opinion.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it, you pompous twit. Actually, Gandermeyer’s objection was really to me asking Holt’s opinion, but that was what I wanted. Once I got him heated up by telling him to shut his mouth a couple of times, it was easy to make him appear to be objecting to the safe course of action that Holt was recommending, rather than to Holt himself. Once I got done, I’m pretty sure that everyone will remember it my way. And I would just love to see what this little record notation does for his future career.

AND I got Holt in my corner, which was what I wanted all along. The difference between failure and success is often the difference between what duty demands of men, and what loyalty inspires in men.

Sometimes I even impress myself.

Thy duty is to the Emperor first, thy master second, and thyself not at all.

6 089 996 M41

Touched down at prison facility. Prisoners in full riot. Guards overwhelmed but surviving in isolated areas. Accordance advised. I will attempt to coordinate response.

Well, FUCK. This is going to be a lot more difficult than I thought. Gotta take a bit to plan.
Okay, so sometimes I’m stupid. It’s a good thing I took some downtime to think about this. It’s actually like Ascension came early and left me a BIG DAMN PRESENT. I can get these men for free if I play my cards right. I’ve got a trump card… a fully crewed, horribly beweaponed military spacecraft waiting in orbit for my word. I can order the prison slagged with lancefire if I want.

Now all I have to do is convince Adamas that I’m on the verge of taking his men off by shuttle, and destroying the whole place… and he’ll concerned about saving his employer’s facility, and thus willing to give up the men for free.

And to quell the rebellion? Just play the same card again. I can burn them all to ashes, and if they don’t fear that enough, I could break the locks, and let the atmosphere in… the gas is heavier than air, and I don’t know exactly what it’s made of, but it’s most likely better for stripping paint off metal than for breathing. Also, they’re dependent on supply ships.

Here I was, thinking I had to quell a prison riot with a few armsmen and a twelve year old psyker, but all I have to do is wield the threat of superior force with some precision. I’ve got to start learning to think like a Rogue Trader.

Made contact with one group of guardsmen. Will attempt to bring supplies from orbit, restart vital systems.



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