Sword & Spoken Word

A Letter to Lady Elizabeth Orleans

Dear Elizabeth:

I’m going to have to postpone our meeting, possibly cancel it altogether. Some things have come up and I may have to leave Footfall suddenly on some business unrelated to ours.

As for our business, the bearer of this letter is my man “Spectre”, and he is empowered to discuss details.

The other thing is a gift, of sorts. I know I’ve thanked you already for your help in saving Damaris from the Orks, and your assistance in rebuilding after the Rift Disaster, but this is a little more… personal.

I’d hoped to present it in person, but I’ll just have to settle for Spectre’s description of the look on your face.

Anyway, Selene should be arriving soon, and you two can work out of the rest of the Damaris stuff. You girls try and get along now. I realize you have good reasons for not trusting the church, but she has good reasons for needing a stable Damaris… and so do you and I. It hasn’t been easy recruiting colonists to repopulate a world that has suffered a daemonic incursion, and despite Brother Alric’s best efforts, we will be behind the curve for years to come.

I’ll try to see you again before I leave, but that might not happen, and if it does, I’ll probably drop in quite unexpectedly. Leave the light on or something.

Love, Harlan.

P.S. Your suggestion made me smile, but, on reflection, the reference is a bit too obscure for people to get the joke. I think I’ve decided to go with “ISV Attitude Adjuster”.



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