Veltenstone, Selena "Lyra"

Astropath Transcendant, Prodigy of the Psykana


She is oddly out of place… You take a look, you take another look, she looks like a child. You take one more look to be sure, yes, you’re sure, she is a child. She looks to be around the age of 11 or 12, around 4’ tall, blonde hair. The fact that she’s a child, in a place where one doesn’t normally see children, isn’t the oddest thing about her. No, it’s her greyed eyes, her sigil, they are representative of a full privileged, high-class, astropath. An astropath of this age is unheard of, but yet there she stands.



She is child with the responsibilities of an astropath. She flips back and forth about which one she being at the moment. She has been thrust into a position of high authority at a very early age, and she wants to own up to the responsibility, but she often finds herself unable to.

Veltenstone, Selena "Lyra"

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