Van Nostra, Nochellie

Navigator, Navis House Van Nostra


Nochellie is a pretty, if thoroughly terrifying to look upon.


Nochellie was born out in space upon her family’s ship, little does she know of her birth’s specific circumstances… or that she is not an only child as she has assumed for all of her life. Growing up, she was always a pampered, spoiled thing. Given everything she wanted except for the one thing she craved more than anything else… freedom. Lovely for a navigator, she nontheless is accustomed to people shying away or fearing her for her inborn gifts, she compensates for her loneliness through intimidation. She is a young adult, and still somewhat naive in the ways of the world due to her upbringing as basically a songbird in a cage. Her family no doubt fears what will happen now that they have agreed to set her free upon the world.

Van Nostra, Nochellie

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