Saffron, Sabrina

Void Mistress


- 5’3"
- About 100 pounds
- Waist length, loosely curled hair, black hair with undertones of blue and dark purple in bright light
- light blue/violet eyes with a faint supernatural glow
- flawless alabaster skin with only a faint pinkness to cheeks
- cupid’s bow upper lip with fuller lower lip, slightly wider than average and also very faintly pink
- long, thick eyelashes, also black
- Mesh work of scars on her back

- Doesn’t trust easily, especially males of the higher classes
- Blunt, not much of a filter
- Abrasive
- Willful and doesn’t always take orders well, especially if she thinks they are stupid or illogical
- Resistant to being confined (place/schedule/etc)
- Possessive of her space (personal, cockpit and quarters especially) and may tolerate an intrusion once, next time the gun comes out to keep you at a distance
- Tends to act (especially speak) before thinking


“There are only so many paths one may take when enslaved: cower, be complacent and do only what is required, embrace it, or rebel. I will not cower and I will not be complacent.”

“Who are you to judge my scars?”

“It is better to ask forgiveness than permission.”

While not the most usual, or unusual, coming of age story for a void born, Sabrina’s past has most definitely contributed to her association with others. She keeps her past closely guarded and it is, therefore, unknown to most everyone. Some have guessed at bits and pieces, but whether or not they are right is for her, and only her, to know. The known facts of her story are that she worked in a shop for ship parts as a janitor when she was forced into the Imperial Navy and she was eventually placed under the tutelage of the HHN Gladius Vindictus pilots until she had proven herself capable and was then moved to the HHN Accordance as the primary helmsman.

Saffron, Sabrina

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