Geinz, Dariel "Fortuno"

Helmsman of La Bella Dama


“If you want to grow old as a pilot, you’ve got to know when to push it, and when to back off.”

Dariel Geinz is the primary void master and pilot of the Castillo flagship La Bella Dama. He is a reserved man who remains level-headed even under the most dire of circumstances. His reputation for nigh-impossible feats of stellar manoeuvring have earned him the nickname “Fortuno” by his captain and patron, Ernesto del Castillo. His intimate familiarity with voidship operations has led some to believe he was once a pilot in the Imperial Navy, but no one can get a word from him on the matter, or indeed anything regarding his history.

Geinz is a tall man of moderate build, in his late thirties, though appearing to be at least 10 years older. Some of his closer associates believe this to be due to his numerous brushes with death at the helm of La Bella Dama. His moderate dress, demeanour, and manner of speaking make him a frequent foil of his more extravagant patron.


Status: Alive

Geinz, Dariel "Fortuno"

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