Forsellis, Selene

Warrant Bearer, Forsellis Dynasty


Of course I’m going with Daddy. He needs someone with sense to keep him out of trouble.

Musical Theme: Arete


The eldest of the three Forellis sisters at the age of 17, Selene frequent affects an air of aloof, mature superiority in the faces of the " twins’ " girlish antics. This facade is apt to dissolve quickly in the presence of cute kittens, the attention of a crowd, or Harlan Autumnhall, however.

Despite her youth, she has been well-trained by her father in the arts of political administration, financial planning, and business leadership, and has shown herself to be highly intelligent, and capable of making hard choices, even when it pains her greatly to do so.


Having lost her father and sisters during the Damaris Rift Disaster, Selene is now the holder of the Imperial Warrant held by house Forsellis .

However, she claims not to want the responsibility, and has embarked upon a search for her vanished elder brother, Asher, presumably to abdicate in his favor. While she expresses a strong desire to follow through on her father’s plans for her, and marry Lord Harlan Autumnhall, she refuses to do so until she has carried out this task.

What will happen if she is unable to is anyone’s guess.


Status: Alive

Forsellis, Selene

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