Sword & Spoken Word

The Story So Far, Major Subplots.

  • Harlan Autumnhall appears to be investigating the identities and motives of the Eldar pirates who attacked the ISV St. Cordellia and killed his family. With the assistance of Lady Elizabeth Orleans, holder of an Imperial Warrant (despite her sex), who is well known for her successful campaigns against the Eldar, he has identified the group responsible, and gathers intelligence about their motives and how best to move against them.
  • Harlan Autumnhall has said little or nothing about what exactly happened aboard the St. Cordellia, and has successfully secured all surveillance and flight recorder data. While he has shared some of this evidence with those assisting him, there are unexplained gaps which he refuses to talk about.
  • Brother Alrick does not discuss his past, but hints have emergence that he was not always a priest, that his hatred of Chaos runs unusually deep, beyond the doctrinal and into the personal, and that certain members of the Inquisition would like very much to speak with him.
  • Selena Veltenstone was a mining slave on Spheris Secundus before she was discovered to have psykic gifts and shipped off to Earth. She is unusually cagey, especially given her bubbly and open personality, about what exactly happened there.
  • Selena Veltenstone wears a pedant given to her by a mentor, Chief Astopathic Listener Yrastien Brahms, which appears to be made of a strange, psykically reactive material. Harlan Autumhall wears a sword of the same material, which functions much like a psyker’s weapon despite his lack of any such gift. Brahms himself, the source of both artifacts, was killed in a naval action before he could explain their provenance or significance.
  • Nochellie Von Nostra is going to significant efforts to track down and speak to certain specific individuals scattered across a wide range of planets, but has not explained who they are or why she seeks them out.
  • Nochellie Von Nosta displays precognitive abilities unusual for a Navigator, but more typical of a psyker who has studied divination. Her house was very keen to retain property rights to these “insights” in her contract with Harlan Autumnhall.
  • Spectre appears to have some sort of prior relationship with a Calixian noblewoman with whom he is very much infatuated…. and a deep antipathy for her husband.
  • Many Calixian noble houses and Warranted houses have displayed a keen interest in establishing matrimonial ties with the new (and extremely eligible) Warrant Holder Harlan Autumnhall. The most likely prospects appear to be any one of the three daughters of House Forsellis, or possibly Felicity, daughter of Rogue Trader Synbar Lockhart.
  • While working against House Ardentus, Harlan and his crew infiltrated the operation of a Calixian pirate named Castillo, one of the House’s criminal contacts. After retrieving for him a stolen starmap, Nochellie discovered it to contain a navigable Warp route to Rune, far out in the Halo Stars, beyond the reach of the Astronomican. Harlan returned a false copy of the map to Castillo, with the intention that following its distorted path would lead the the pirate’s death. The true map he kept for himself.
  • While putting down the genestealer infestation on Heptapyrgion, Magos Holt discovered that the prison was built on the wreckage of a pre-Heresy spacecraft. After looting much valuable arecheotech for his employer, Holt was able to derive a working trace of the vessel’s last known port of call, in the Koronus Expanse. Perhaps more rarities may be found there.
  • The Damaris colony is built around the site of a secret excavation of Yu’vath artefacts. While most of the items have been removed years ago, one object remains…. a shielded casket built into the walls of the volcano itself, with a powerful containment field. Its contents are unknown, but it is known that the Eldar are desperately seeking whatever lies within.
  • While tracking the movements of Orkish troops across the surface of the colony world of Damaris, Harlan and his crew found the remains of an ancient Eldar colony, complete with a dead Webway gate. Slaughtering the Ork force revealed what they came to find, a dissident Ork psyker given to insightful, but incoherent, precognitive pronouncements. Apparently, “the Black Circle” is coming to Damaris, whatever that might mean.



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