Sword & Spoken Word

Captain's Logbook and Journal #3

6 089 996 M41

Power to the vox system has been restored, thanks in no small part to the efforts of TechMagos Holt, and to Emperor’s mercy in granting us the good fortune to be troubled no further by attacks from the strange husks of men we witnessed earlier. They can be heard from the depths of the prison, but whatever force or mischance moves them, it has not led others here.

Attempts to raise Warden Adamas on vox have met with no success thus far. I have left his man Lieutenant Cipriare to continue these efforts, while I proceed to <censored under Inquistorial remitt>.

Looks like Armengarde is either sending down anyone who volunteers to help, or he’s not firmly in control of his ship. The next shuttle had some sort of priest, and his Navigatrix Prime. She either likes to feel important, or her House keeps her on tight leash… she’s trailed everywhere by bodyguards in House colours. Name’s Nochellie, one of the Van Nostras. I’ve had dealings with them from… before, but not with her, so that’s probably not an issue. Anyway, she seems sharp enough, so I’ll let her tag along as long as she follows orders.
She’d actually be kinda hot (not as hot as Kyia, but not bad) if she didn’t have that third eye. Those things creep me the fuck out.
I’ll leave her here while I go contact Spectre. He managed to raise me on comms after Holt restored vox access… which involved digging through a stash of porn featuring… horses? Holt says this prison appears to be the hull of an ancient spacecraft. Now we know why they were drilling for valuables down in the depths. Archaeotech? Xenos artifacts? I now I have to be careful to uncover just the right amount of wrongdoing… enough to pry the prize loose from Adamas and his employers, but not enough to get everything seized by the Inquisition. Or burned with plasma fire.
I’ll bring Holt with me, anyway. He’s proving invaluable: does exactly what he’s told, does it well, and asks little in return except that the plan makes sense. How exactly his superiors managed to mishandle him I’ll never understand. Just don’t ask him to pray to a juice maker, is that so hard?

Life is the Emperor’s currency. Spend it well.

6 089 996 M41

<censored under Inquistorial remitt>.

Made contact with Spectre, and got him back to the shuttle bay after a bit of softshoe routine. Looks like Adamas is dirty, and not just lining his pockets, either, but into some nasty stuff, although it’s unclear what. I know for certain Spectre is telling the truth, or at least believes he is. Under the circumstances, he’s literally unable to lie to me.
Time to arrest the senior staff and see what shakes loose. First to get Cipriare away from his men.

A good soldier obeys without question. A good officer commands without doubt.

6 090 996 M41

Lieutenant Edholt Cipriare has been placed under arrest by my warrant. Inquistorial record of charges transmitted under separate seal.

Was easy to take him. Just walked him the shuttle, and Unk and Krunk just grabbed him. I’ll work out later whether Cipriare is a material witness, or a suspect. He spilled a lot of what he knew, or appeared to, when I mentioned the Inquisition, but it wasn’t much. He may be holding out. I may have him tortured some, and see, once I have the time.

It is better for a thousand innocents to perish, than for one heretic to escape the flame.

6 090 996 M41

Have returned to the Accordance to brief Commander Armengarde.

Plan is to get the central lock elevator working, and bring naval marines and heavy weapons down from orbit… we have about two thousand. We can split the Imperial Guard units up, put them with enough strangers to keep them loyal. Then we start killing husks, kill or lock down rioters, and find Adamas.
But something tells me it’s not going to be that simple.

Burn the heretic. Kill the mutant. Purge the unclean.



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