Senechal, Leader of the Heptaprygion Uprising


“Every resource, spent or saved, is a future investment in some shape or form. That is why, in the game of book-keeping, we observe the granular movement of all forms of capital. You call them ‘acceptable losses’. I call them ‘investments of dead’.”

Spectre was an inmate on the Penal World Heptapyrgion. His uncanny talent for commerce, logistics, and cold calculus secured him a position (prior to the riots) as the prison warden’s unofficial master of coin and (after the riots) as the effective figurehead of the uprising, usurping many of the other chain gang bosses in the process.

Spectre’s personal and criminal history are subject to wild speculation and tantalizing rumour. Some popular theories regarding his origins include a rogue Administratum prefect imprisoned for embezzlement of planetary tithes, an undercover agent for the Adeptus Arbites, and an Ork in a cunning man-suit disguise.

Given the availability of facts, each of the above cases is effectively equi-probable.

About the only thing generally agreed upon with regards to Spectre is that, in general, it is safest to assume that he knows much more than he’s letting on.


Status: Alive


Sword & Spoken Word Dougglystick