Inmate at Heptapyrgion


“Walls are misunderstood…people might profit from their wisdom…if they would only stop and listen.”

Quiet, elusive, and not entirely present, Murmur is an inmate of the Penal World Heptapyrgion. Tall, pale, and painfully thin, he stands as a stark contrast to the rest of the inmates of the prison. Equally noteworthy is his tendency to provide unusual, nonsensical, and occasionally-haunting commentary, regardless of whether or not he has an interested audience.

He is not outwardly rebellious, and often complies with instructions given to him by prison officers. However, his infirmity and unusual behaviour have made him an exception to many of the rules and regulations enforced on the world. Many disgruntled inmates have taken issue with this apparent “preferential treatment”; but no trace has ever been found of those who sought to privately correct this, and no official enquiries conducted by prison officers have produced anything more than wild, unintelligible ramblings. As such, Murmur is mostly left to his own devices.


Status: Alive


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