Lockhart, Synbar III

Warrant Bearer, Lockhart Dynasty



The Warrant Bearer of House Lockhart is typical of his line, in that he is noted for his courtly manners, handsome appearance, and rotten luck.

In recent years, several of his reckless and disruptive ventures have not only failed to restore the Lockharts to wealth, but considerably strained the Lord Sector’s patience with the entire line.

Synbar Lockhart has not been seen in public for some time. Some rumors say Synbar now broods in his mansion on the Scintilla Orbital Ring, speaking to no one, others speculate that his attention is occupied with plans to save the Lockhart dynasty by making an advantageous marriage for his third child, Felicity Lockhart, who is noted not only for her considerable charisma, but also as a rare beauty… even among the gene-tailored and expensively groomed Imperial nobility.


Status: Alive

Lockhart, Synbar III

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