Lockhart, Felicity

First Daughter, Lockhart Dynasty


Noted for her extraordinary beauty and considerable personal charm, rather than the wealth or power of her house, the name of the first daughter of the Rogue Trader Synbar Lockhart has been bandied about as a possible consort for the newly anointed Harlan Autumnhall… mostly because the normally reserved and pragmatic Rogue Trader seemed quite tempted, at his inauguration gala, with the allure of what would be a bad business choice.

My lord, I must protest. The Lockharts are in much reduced circumstances, and NOT in good odor with the Lord Sector. Please try to focus on your long term interests.

Relax, Malmstein, the fix is in. I just need a visible alternative when I’m conducting negotiations with Seldan. Something to avoid looking overeager.

My lord, every time you look at or speak to Miss Lockhart, you are in serious danger of appearing UNDEReager about Miss Forsellis. It would be a bad idea to rouse jealousy in your future bride.

Is that what you think, Malmstein? You don’t understand women at all.


Status: Alive

Lockhart, Felicity

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