Holt, Siegmund Alessander Estabon Godwinne "Jak"

Koronus Explorator, Varqhardt Initiative


Siegmund stands at a little over 2 meters tall with an athletic physique.

  • When his Tech-Priest hood does not cover his face he has long, flowing, jet black hair that is usually tied into one long braid.
  • Both eyes contain ice blue irises.
  • From the nose all the way to the base of the neck is obvious bionic replacements. Colored black and crimson, the only thing it can be described as is a vaguely face-shaped respirator mask with no apparent input/output orifices. On his neck are slits that can only be assumed to filter oxygen.
  • On his hands he wears black, skin-tight finger-less gloves where you can see blue vein-like tattoos encompassing his fingers.
  • For those that dare glimpse under his robes at his feet can see good-Craftsmanship raptor-like bionic legs, which may account for his abnormal height.
  • Seen floating around him is a black and crimson Servo Skull with a laspistol attached, whom Siegmund refers to as G.I.T.S. (Guardian In The Sky).
  • Bad ass right bionic arm.
  • Bad ass left bionic arm.

“First let us consult the Omnissiah in the Ancient Tongue.” begins chanting “Non es dignus prudentiam. Capti vos ignorare idolorum cultor deorum. Imperator est Deus quasi homo mortuus. Non est ultra Deus, nec est imperator. In Omnissiah non vere sunt. Est modo scientia. Solum superesse intelligens. Solum superesse fortis. Ego vero investigator, et didici. Deum praecepta mea fiam. Ego deum belli esse. There, now that you have been found worthy I shall bless you in the Omnissiah’s name.” begins chanting again “Stultus es stultus. Quod dico vobis nullam. Habitabo vobiscum in ignorantia. Ut non inspectant Deorum, Nokia et Samsung, protegere. Maxime in nomine Caesarem mortuum Deum Omnissiah fictis Amen.”

Born on the Forge World of Omega Prime, Siegmund Alessander Estabon Godwinne Holt was immediately initiated into the Adeptus Mechanicus at the first signs of high intellect and competency. At the same time, upon reaching the age of manhood, he was then conscripted into the Ordo de Machinae CCC (a militaristic order of the Machine Cult). It was through scholarly pursuit and military discipline that Siegmund became a formidable warrior and seeker of knowledge.

Given his precocious and uncompromising pursuit of information, Siegmund rose quickly in the ranks of the Omega Prime meritocracy. However, his flat affect and penchant for speaking hard, tactless truths ensured that he made twice as many enemies as allies during his ascent.

During the course of his studies of an Omega-Prime Mechanicus Lexicanum known as “The Fountain of Glass”, Holt came upon a passage describing heretical rites which denounced the “Purity of the Transmechanical” (i.e. the notion that replacing organic flesh with holy machine parts was an aberration unto nature rather than a noble undertaking).

Unable to keep his findings to himself and eager to speak on the matter with other tech-priests, Holt spoke openly about the Fountain. Word eventually got back to his superiors, who were uncomfortable about his inability (or unwillingness) to keep his findings secret until more could be learned from the lex.

One week after his discovery of the heretical passages within the lex, Magos Holt was expediently drafted into a processional of tech-priests assembled to support a joint operation by the Dark Angels Chapter and the Iron Hands Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes. The goal of the joint operation was to recapture a Manufactorum Ulrarch on planet Dagnir IV which had been occupied by WAAAGH ‘Eadmangla. Holt’s processional was to provide operational support and expertise regarding the many examples of Archaeotech kept at the facility.

Given the danger of the operation and the haste with which he was ordered to prepare, Holt assumed that it was, in no uncertain terms, an attempt on his life by his superiors.

The fighting on Dagnir IV was brutal and bloody, but with the support of the talented members of the Omega-Prime-Initiative, the Adeptus Astartes were able to route the Orks and rescue the facility from certain destruction.

At the conclusion of the bloody conflict, a traveling mission of sisters and priests from the Adeptus Ministorum came to Dagnir IV to consecrate the grounds, cleanse the world of malign xenos influence, and set the surviving Imperial citizens back to the path of virtue. To facilitate this process, they brought with them a holy Imperial relic – a device said to have held and used by the revered Imperial Synarch, Comarius XIV.

Holt however, being an Archaeotech expert, recognized the relic as being little more than a mundane (but still very ancient and superbly crafted) juice maker. Hardly something worth bowing one’s head towards.

In full view of the entire attending body (including members of the Adepta Sororitas, Adeptus Astartes, and the Ecclesiarchy) and specifically during the Moment of Silence commanded by the attending bishop, Magos Holt denounced the relic as a piece of kitchen equipment. He was quickly ushered away, despite his incessant protestation that one juice maker would hardly be insufficient to provide refreshment for everyone in attendance.

Since the incident on Dagnir IV, Magos Holt has been shuffled from posting to posting. Most recently, he was reassigned to a mission in the Calixis Sector, far from the concerns and worries of the Omega-Prime priesthood.

Status: Alive

Holt, Siegmund Alessander Estabon Godwinne "Jak"

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