Hax, Marius

Lord Sector, Calixis Sector


Lord Marius Hax (whose formally correct title is “Lord Sector” or “Lord Calixis”), Sector Governor of the Calixis Sector, is descended from an ancient family of Terran stock, a bloodline bred for leadership in the Imperial heartland of the Segmentum Solar. He was appointed governor of the sector by the High Lords of Terra more than one hundred and fifty years ago, and maintains a firm, unflinching grip on the planets under his control.

The Lord Sector is a man of immense gravitas and solemnity, a glowering, intimidating presence at the heart of the Lucid Palace on Scintilla. Hax makes few public appearances, and personal audiences are rare. His devotion to the minutiae of leadership is legendary. It is said that he sleeps just four hours a night, and personally reviews the daily fiscal and economic reports in great detail.


Status: Alive

Hax, Marius

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