Hague, Richter

Remembrancer of the Calixian Conclave


“In an era when the distinction between faith and heresy is but the weight of a few spoken words, word-keeping is a most holy undertaking.”

Richter Hague is a remembrancer in the service of Lord Inquisitor Erastes Volgin. Quiet, reserved, and with a tendency to avoid direct eye contact, he stays close by the Inquisitor’s side, ready to provide data at a moment’s notice.

In order to better serve at his post, Remembrancer Hague has optimized his body with several key modifications, including a scribe-tine augmetic which has replaced his left forearm, a shoulder-mounted pic-capt array, and an entourage of no fewer than three servo skulls, each with its own unique tools and functions.


Status: Alive

Hague, Richter

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