Gandermeyer, Dalenmendeche "Danny"

Magos Senioris, Varqhardt Initiative


“Damn the situation and damn your rank, captain. This is a breach of Mechanicus protocol, and the many-fold spirits of the Omnissiah look disfavourably upon those who do not observe Its editcs.”

Dalenmendeche Gandermeyer is the senior tech magos of the Varqhardt Initiative, currently on a expeditionary mission from the Lathes. He has a frozen countenance and a strict, near-immovable observance for protocol and ritual.

His uncompromising nature and adherence to the Lex Mechanicus has bought the Adeptus Mechanicus great influence within the Calixis Sector, but his severity seldom passes well upon colleagues from other branches of the Imperium with which he does business.


Status: Alive

Gandermeyer, Dalenmendeche "Danny"

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