Bridger of Souls, Guston Collective


In time, all prices are paid in blood or souls.

Tall, quiet, menacing, and more than a little lustful for a fight, Erngath is a Bridger of Souls for the Bloody God. The title is an honourific given to those who prepare the minds and flesh of common men for service to the Throne of Brass.

Ever a servant of the Ruinous Powers, Erngath has devoted mind, body, and soul to transforming every edifice of order wrought by the false saviour-emperor into a deliciously bloody ruin. But unlike his more common brethren, he has demonstrated more caution, more cunning, and more patience in the execution of his plans – a fact which gives little comfort to those within the Imperium who would see his ilk cleansed for their treachery.


Status: Died, 6 157 998 M41, at Gunmetal City, under the smoking barrel of Harlan Autumnhall’s plasma pistol.


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