Droff, Gulgor

Arms Dealer, Gunmetal City


Nah, I’m just taking a piss at ya. This lasgun’s battery is empty. Same goes for the one you’ve got there in your hands. I saw to it. Let’s toast then to our short tempers!

Gulgor Droff is the leader of the Gunmetal Gruffs, the most powerful and productive crime syndicate on Gunmetal City. There isn’t a planet within three standard-warp jumps that hasn’t known the taste of his arms trade, a point in which he is particularly proud.

Gruff, disheveled, and perpetually irreverent, he is a shrewd dealer and fast talker. Some say that, given half a chance, he could even sell lasguns to the Departmento Munitorum.


Status: Alive

Droff, Gulgor

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