de Palma, Ernesto del Castillo "Castle"

Calixian Pirate


“Emperador Mio. The only thing worse than an honest magistrate is one who doesn’t have the decency to stay bought.”

Ernesto del Castillo de Palma, known to his associates as “Castle”, is a Calixian privateer and sellsail of charming demeanour and dubious authority. He operates a small fleet of charter vessels in the Calixis Sector, transporting goods (legal and otherwise) and providing armed ship escort service for the right price.

He is a handsome, well-built man in his late twenties with a medium complexion and a full head of wild dark hair to which he (evidently) devotes a great majority of his early-morning attentions. He dresses in sharp uniforms which emulate (and also mock) the rigidly conservative iconography of the Imperial Navy, embellishing with baubles and finery of unknown origin.

The very personification of a philanderer if there ever was one, he is almost as notorious for his numerous rumoured affairs with Calixian nobility as he is for his “professional” exploits.

Most noteworthy of all, however, is Castillo’s love and gift for levity, always delivered with a caressing accent that makes you uncertain whether he is teasing you playfully or insulting you…or both. Rumour has it that, when once he was asked if he joked about everything, his response was: “Only about the things that matter.”

Harlan’s notes:

This one is our in to Ardentus, but we’re not trusting him, and we’re retaining the option to go off his plans at any moment.

I’ve used a combination of stage magic and assistance from Lady Selena to convince him I’m a renegade psyker, leader of a small-time criminal gang that sells our services to the highest bidder. But don’t overplay the role of thug, people. We’re supposed to be a sober, intelligent, professional, serious crew.

Pretending to be minor players has its advantages, but it means we have to hide our resources from him. No throwing money or manpower at problems. Keep brainstorming for clever ideas, people. We’re going to need them.

The thing about tricks instead of force is you must wait for an opportunity instead of creating one. We play along for now. Then we strike.


Status: Missing after receiving a false and deliberately dangerous Warp map from the hands of Harlan Autumnhall. Quite probably dead.

de Palma, Ernesto del Castillo "Castle"

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