Dakkakleez da Greenseer

The Green Seer


I fight, derefore I fight

Dakkakleez da Greenseer is an outcast Ork Weirdboy who, after being thoroughly shunned by the Orks of his own tribe for “being a weird talky-git who talks too much”, began a pilgrimage across the Koronus Expanse in order to find “da meenin’ ov it all”. In his travels, he has made contact with numerous other Ork warbands, and his talent for persuasion (insofar as Orks could be said to be capable of such a feat) drew many other weirdboyz to his cause. Now, Dakkakleez and his weirdboyz ply the stars in search of the source of their ill-begotten visions.

As more Orks are drawn to Dakkakleez’s band, the power of their unified Waaagh! renders their nascent prognostications evermore ominous: there is evil afoot in the Koronus Expanse. Something immense and powerful is poised to plunge the Expanse into a thousand-year darkness, and Dakkakleez and his boyz want to be the first “ta get in summa da good hitz”.

Dakkakleez is strangely introspective for an Ork, and his musings vary wildly, from the barely intelligible to the painfully self-evident. However, he is convinced in the truth and potency of his misguided ramblings by the predictive accuracy of his “Gis-Wotz”.

Dakkakleez (as well as the WeirdBoyz who follow him) is notable not only for his vague and tantalizing visions of the future, but also for his curious (almost un-Orky) lack of belligerence.

While he is not averse to self-defense (generally against rival Orks or xenophobic humans), he would seemingly rather talk than fight.

Dakkakleez appears as an Ork: a 500 kg slab of meat and tusks with a totem-laced gubbin-stikk and fancy toga that’s “made fer ferocifizin’”.


Dakkakleez da Greenseer

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