Brim, Ultan "Rudeboy"

War Chaplain


“’ere’s da medicine ja need, mon. It’ll cure what ails ye, an calm deh nerves. When you’re finished, pass it ta dah next mon.”

Ultan Brim is a dry-tongued chaplain who has been deployed all over the Emperor’s domain. Well-regarded for his expertise in medicae, he has served and advised in such theatres as Therodon, the Abyssal of Shades, and the Ixiniad Fringe campaigns against WAAGGHH-Hurtzgob. In spite of the many horrors he has witnessed during his service to the Imperium, Ultan has managed to maintain a care-free and easy disposition, ever serving “da One Love of da God-Emprah”.

One might assume that Ultan’s numerous re-deployments were by demand for his skills. However, those who have met the chaplain know that his constant re-assignments are more likely due to his highly-unorthodox philosophies and love for his special, custom lho-sticks (which he refers to as “hi-sticks”).

For his most recent deployment, Chaplain Brim has been stationed on the remote penal world of Heptapyrgion.

Brim is a robust man in his late-twenties, with dark skin and long, tightly-braided hair. In spite of his occasional grim honesty and airy absentmindedness, he has a sincere warmth for those he considers friends, and he is never more focused than when labouring to save the life of a comrade.


Status: Alive

Brim, Ultan "Rudeboy"

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