Brahms, Yerastian

Listener, Adeptus Astra Telepathica


“There now. Can you depsyfer it? It feels innocent, doesn’t it? Pay no heed to the intentions of a message. Information is merely information, with no good or ill inherent. But when the message must insist on its own behalf – THAT is when you know its provenance is sinister.”

Yerastian Brahms is a Lord-High Starspeaker of the Adeptus Astra Telepathica’s Calixian Chapter and the interim Listener aboard the HHN Accordance. He is a wise and learned astropath with many years of experience, including several tours of service with the Imperial Navy. His primary responsibilities include auditing the appointment procedures for new Calixian astropaths and providing oversight for the Sector choir proctors.

As an ancillary duty, he has assumed personal responsibility for training a promising young astropath recently graduated from the Scholastica Psykana and returned to the Calixis Sector for active duty: Selena Veltenstone.

More recently, he has been temporarily transferred to the HHN Gorgon to oversee the training of new astropath acolytes on its escort journey to Port Wrath, after which he will be reassigned.

Brahms is often cited (among colleagues and professional references) for his forthright conduct and dedication to excellence. He is also (even more often) noted among close acquaintances for his off-colour brand of humour and light-hearted affect.


Status: Died, 6 302 998 M41, aboard the HHN Gorgon during a pirate attack.

Brahms, Yerastian

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