Blackley, Elizabeth Anne


A noble lady of House Blackley (a minor cadet branch of the fabulously wealthy and influential Kolmogorovs), Elizabeth Anne “Just call me Lizzie” Blackley the Third is an exuberant personality who sits at the center of vast social network of “darling friends” and “dear cousins” including such distinguished lights of Imperial society as Calligos Winterscale, Lord Inquisitor Stephen Marik, several of the more prominent Van Yastobaals, many members of the powerful House Mangonnel of the Lathes, and even navigators from the secretive Gazmati.

While not overtly important in either rank or title, and further disqualified from public service by reason of both her sex and her reputedly scandalous personal life, she actually acts a cornerstone of Calixian society by reason of the simple fact that she seems to know everyone, and everyone seems to know her.

When negotiations have broken down, when trade war or even open hostilities threaten to break out between great Houses or other elements of the vast and heterogenous Imperium of Man, often the diplomatic backchannel of choice is… Lizzie Blackley, who would be only too happy to have a word with her dear friend.

There is some quiet speculation that the teenage antics, sex scandals, flirtatious and fluttery speech as much an artificial facade as the youthful appearance of a woman actually over three hundred years old, a velvet glove over the steel fist of a power broker in service to other, even more ruthless power brokers.

But as “Lizzie” would say, “Gosh, somebody’s Mr. Grumpy this morning! I’ll bet I can turn that frown upside-down… come here and sit by me, darling!”


Status: Alive

Blackley, Elizabeth Anne

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