Bankole, Obatunde

Commander, HHN Intolerance


Commander Obatunde Bankole (Oh-baa-tune-day Ban-koe-lay) hails from among the unknown, unsung families who, for thousands upon thousands of years, have tended the one of the two Orbital Spires which provides docking for those few spacecraft given special dispensation to approach Holy Terra.

It is not generally known what vicissitudes of fortune carried him to an officer’s career in the BattleFleet Calixis, thousands of light years from his African birthplace, but his talent for discretion, the appropriate word, and cultivation of the correct allies has seen him rise to command of a Torturer-class naval Very Fast Picket vessel, the HHN Intolerance.

It was in this capacity that he and his crew discovered the drifting hulk of the ISV St Cordelia” after the infamous “Red Pilgrimage” of 997M41.

Never one to fail to seize an opportunity, he has spearheaded the Navy’s salvage claim both in the offices of the Administratum and the courts of the Arbites Judicaem.

The more cynical observers have noted that, as commanding officer, his personal five percent would amount to an obscene amount of wealth.


Bankole, Obatunde

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