Balveda, Alejandro

Master Helmsman of ISV Take the Nails, Too


Master Helmsman of the ISV Take the Nails, Too

What happens to teenage sons who join the Imperial Navy to rebel against their Eclesiarchcal parents? If they survive long enough, they become Alejandro Balveda, or something like him.

Teenagers dream of being hotshot pilots, then are dismayed to learn that piloting requires more intelligence and training than it does teenage reaction time, and the best fighter jocks are in their thirties at the very least.

Teenagers, with their hearts with of restless energy and their heads full of trivia about every fighter spacecraft ever flown, tend to end up swabbing decks, or repairing engines.

Still, with a little luck, a good head for three-dimensional relativistic physics, and an old family friend or two, a former teenager with the corners knocked off him a bit might grow up to be a fighter pilot. Or, perhaps less glamorously, but more respectably to the Navy’s paymasters, the guiding hand behind a 10 billion ton behemoth.

And maybe there’s a still better deal to be had in private industry when your enlistment is up for renewal.


Balveda, Alejandro

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