Autumnhall, Jorvalds

Former Patriarch of House Autumnhall


“Therefore, I do not intend to follow the path of those who have come before. For the good of the Imperium, I shall create a path for those who come after.” -Excerpt from the 28th Autumnhall Investiture Address

Jorvalds Autumnhall, Lord of Aquitaine and Patriarch of the Autumnhall Dynasty, was a Rogue Trader operating in the Calixis Sector and Koronus Expanse. He was the 76th claimant of the Autumnhall Warrant of Trade, and its 5th recipient.

With the death of Jorvalds, the Autumnhall Warrant of Trade and all of its attendant titles, assets, and responsibilities are presently under review by Administratum tribunal.


Status: Died, 997.M41, aboard the voidship ISV St. Cordelia.

Autumnhall, Jorvalds

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