Armengarde, Edmund aka "Brayden Ilia"

Former Commander, Imperial Navy


“This matter will require careful deliberation. It is not merely the fate of Emperor’s vessel that I must consider, but the many lives of His dutiful servants.”

Edmund Armangarde was a Commander in The Emperor’s Holy Battlefleet Calixis. He served in the Calixis for eight years, and played a significant role in establishing and protecting new, more efficient trade routes between the Lathe Worlds and the rest of the Calixis Sector.

He was dishonourably discharged from service to the Imperial Navy under unspecified suspicions, the investigations for which are still being conducted. His life was spared under special dispensation to his father, Leander, and by the testimonies of Harlan and Brother Alrick. Since his discharge from the Navy, he has assumed the new identity of Brayden Ilia.

Edmund is a patient man who carefully considers his words and actions. Although his reservations and thoughtful nature have generally inhibited his ability to capitalize on opportunities for advancement, he sees honour and integrity as his highest calling in service to the Emperor and His Imperium.


Status: Alive

Armengarde, Edmund aka "Brayden Ilia"

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