Ardentus, Phineas

Patron, Ardentus Dynasty


From the Inquisitorial dossier

Name: Ardentus, Phineas
Title: Duke of Helburth Mine, Luggnum
Priority: Hereticus Majoris, Xenos Minoris, Malleus Aptus Non


  • 999.979 M41: Blasphemy.
  • 031.980 M41: Blasphemy.
  • 341.981 M41: Blasphemy.
  • 672.984 M41: Forbidden excesses.
  • 926.984 M41: Blasphemy.
  • 455.987 M41: Possession of xenos contraband. <Elevated to Hereticus Minoris>
  • 188.990 M41 et perpetuum: Importation of xenos contraband via the Koronus Passage <Elevated to Hereticus Majoris, Xenos Minoris>
  • 864.996 M41: Blasphemy.

Phineas Ardentus is the patron of House Ardentus, a family of considerable antiquity which can trace its origins back to the Calyx Fornix, a period of expansion which occurred during the latter half of the Angevin Crusade.

The Ardentus Dynasty’s primary sources of legitimate capital are its options in the ore acquisition, ore refinement, and manual labour trades, which are presently sourced from Luggnum and Spheris Secundus. The holding company, Lamplighters’ Mission, provides manpower for numerous hive worlds, including primaris worlds of tithe grade Exactus Extremis.

Operations Profile:
Ardentus possesses a severe countenance and lack of empathy for those he considers his social or economic inferiors. As such, acolytes who lack formal training in matters of high etiquette or clear marks of social/economic ascendancy, are advised against interacting with the subject directly.

Ardentus is suspected of having an extensive network of covers, false identities, and fronts to obfuscate his blasphemous activities. Ardentus is also acutely aware of his blasphemous activities, and will not hesitate to retreat into deep cover if he suspects the Emperor’s Eye is upon him. As such, acolytes are advised against implementing direct exercise of Inquisitorial authority.

Although Ardentus’ liquid wealth is limited, the extensive network of informants, investigators, executors, and business partners which comprise the bulk of Ardentus’ influence represent a significant pillar of Imperial infrastructure in the Calixis Sector. The outright destruction of such a pillar could cause significant harm to productivity on these tithed worlds – harm which would undoubtedly spread beyond to the numerous war fronts and operations which depend upon an uninterrupted supply of materiel and personnel. As such, acolytes are advised against applying vulgar force in the apprehension, correction, or cleansing of any Ardentus operators, including but not limited to, Phineas Ardentus himself.


Status: Died, 9 680 998 M41, in the Forsellis system aboard the ISV Take the Nails, Too – suicide via volitor implant.

Ardentus, Phineas

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