Alexander, Jorun

Steward to the Govenor, Damaris


“Forgive me, this is a terrible breech of protocol.”

Jorun Alexander is a steward of House Kapak and a dutiful servant of his lord-governor. Though a man of mild demeanour and restrained passions, he is nonetheless fervent about doing his utmost to serve the needs of his family, his wardens, and the Imperium. He is quiet, observant, intelligent, but also unambitious and uncomfortable being critical of those who he sees as his ostensible superiors.

Alexander is a man in his late thirties, of average build and height, usually dressed in the finery of a man in service to a wealthy governor, though not overtly so. If there’s one thing to be said of Alexander, modesty is his most valued tool.


Status: Alive

Alexander, Jorun

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