Adamas, Advern

Lord Warden of Penal World, Heptapyrgion


“Your arrival inside these walls signifies the beginning of the end of your lives. Ask yourselves this: will you forsake The Emperor’s mercy one final time, or will you take this most sacred opportunity to earn His forgiveness before you die?”

Advern Adamas is the appointed arbitrator and Lord-Warden of the Penal World Heptapyrgion.

Adamas is a pious man; warm, fatherly, and strict in his administration. Though his pragmatism in matters of justice occasionally flies in the face of more traditional Imperial orthodoxy, he is a firm believer in the sanctity of the Empire and in the principle that dutiful service is the most sacred offering one can make to the Emperor. Thus, he demands only the finest from subordinates and prisoners alike. As a result of this high standard, Heptapyrgion has become one of the finest sources for manual labour in the Calixis Sector. Free-captains, Imperial Guard recruitment flotillas, and rogue traders come from far and wide to re-stock their ships with quality products and press-ganged scum.

An imposing figure, Adamas is a well-built man of fair complexion and pale of hair, standing at just under 2m in height.


Status: Died, 6 092 998 M41, at Heptapyrgion – cleansed of sinful error by Brother Alrick’s holy fire.

Inquisitorial Emendation {Tricorn::Factus-Wainwright_Barlo}: Died, 997 M41, at Heptapyrgion, of foul Genestealer contamination. SOULS NOT IN SERVICE TO THE EMPEROR ARE NOT HUMAN, AND SHALL NOT SUFFER TO LIVE.

Adamas, Advern

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