Sword & Spoken Word

Private Journal of Harlan Autumnhall #10

A box? A fucking box?

Is Seldan Forsellis out of his tiny mind?

After all this trouble, all this nattering about how we have to protect this thing at any cost, about how this is the “primary asset”, it’s a fucking box that no one can open?

I’m sorry, Anni. I’m not making much sense, I know. I’ll start at the beginning.

Seldan’s been going on about this “primary asset” for weeks. It seemed to be the major reason why he wanted to protect Damaris at all. Now he wants to evacuate it if it can’t be protected where it is.

After a little bluffing on my part, he took me to see it. It’s just a box. Worse, it’s a Yu’vath box.

The Angevins may have wiped them out, but even their leavings are bad news. They were Warp worshippers, aligned to Chaos or something closely equivalent. That could be an empty box. Or stasis casket containing one of their “Bone Warden” constructs. Or some more unholy and dangerous thing.

It’s certainly of unknown value.


Is there something he’s not saying?


I see. Not what is in the box, but that the Eldar want it, desperately. It appears the coldtrade network is based on this.



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