Sword & Spoken Word

Selected Writings of Harlan Autumnhall, #1

Introduction to “Divination and The Eldar”, by Harlan Autumnhall (excerpt)

It is not to be thought, however, that merely because the Eldar are master of the arts of divination, that they have mastered it in all its forms, or that they “know” the future.

In truth, the reliance of the post-Fall Eldar upon divination has brought as much confusion as wisdom, and has limited as much as it has empowered.

As a culture, most Eldar no longer believe in the connection of cause and effect. While Mankind sees divination of the future as the art of revealing things that may be, and thereby empowering the diviner to wisely choose between them, most Eldar believe that it reveals what shall be, and that choice and empowerment are equally illusions.

Eldar “Farseer” techniques never reveal more than one path or possibility, and while the wytches themselves take this as proof of their dogma, it is equally arguable that they simply foresee their own unwillingness to make a choice.

Not the lowliest wretch in the penal battalions of the Astra Militarum, or the most wretched slave of Chaos, or the even the neurologically neutered Tau, could ever be less free than the mightiest Eldar. They live in utter submission to their least vision or forecast, seeking only for the path they must, no, that they will walk.

When asked why they seek to see, if the path is inevitable, they merely reply that it was inevitable that they should seek, if they can be made to understand the question at all. When told that this is unfalsifiable, they merely reply that it was inevitable that it should be so.

Perhaps this cowardly philosophy, if it can be called such, has its roots in the history of the Fall, for only in a universe without cause and effect, a world without guilt or responsibility, can the vile aliens’ hands be free of an ocean of blood.



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