Sword & Spoken Word

Harlan Autumnhall's Notes on Dakkakles

“Man with Two Faces” – obvious, mustn’t let him elaborate on this, though.

“A third face is coming, bloodier, more cunning”. Troubling. Will I have to do the… thing… again? Once was risk enough. Or does he mean another one?

“Priest with Hands of Blood” – Brother Alrick. Blood on the hands frequently a human metaphor for guilt, murder, a death toll…. same for Orks?

Never asked about his past.

“Lady with a Thousand Eyes” – Nochellie. Related to operations of the Von Nostra clan? Agents/spies?

Nochellie is looking for people on various worlds… asked for a detour once. A thousand of them? (Would take forever.)

DK: “You will kill him.” Nochellie: “Or he will kill me”. DK: “That, too, is an outcome.”

Does N. have a target? I may have to resort to dealing with her as I dealt with Spectre. But she might understand the nature of it… dangerous.

“Girl with Soul of Fire”(Lyra) – Don’t let the obviousness blind me to hidden meanings. What does the soul mean to an Ork?

“Black Circle is coming”

  • Circle sometimes means a group of people (implies cult or conspiracy)
  • Literally a disk? Lyra suggested an eclipse…
  • Moving warp storm? I have suggested before that the periodic Astropathic silences were the tendrils of a spiral warp storm sweeping the system. (If so, we may need to make a quick exit. Could Dakkakles have lured Snokgritt here to trap him and his Waaaagh in the system?)

“here to get our hits in”?



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